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Tournament Format / Army Restrictions

This year, Bayou Battles will consist of a single, 5 game tournament. There will be 3 games on Saturday, and 2 on Sunday. You must take the same Country/Faction/Theater list for all 5 games, but Sunday’s games are at a lower point level. Here are the details:

•  Build a 1250 point list for the 3 Saturday games

•  Remove whole units from the 1250 point list to get under the 1000 point limit for Sunday’s     games. You must only remove WHOLE UNITS! You cannot:

o  Reduce or add to the number of men in a unit

o  Remove or add equipment from an infantry unit (e.g. SMGs, LMGs, tank     grenades, panzerfausts, etc.)

o  Remove or add optional equipment from a vehicle (e.g. pintle-mounted MMG)

o  Remove or add a spotter form a mortar/artillery unit

o  Change the experience of a unit (e.g. change from Veteran to Regular)

o  Add any new units

•  The remaining 1000 point list must still be legal for the theater selector, with all required     units (officers, infantry, etc.)

All army lists must be submitted for review by 11:59PM, Sunday, July 21st (send to Send lists in .pdf, .txt, or word/excel format. Lists will be reviewed to make sure it is one that would reasonable to play against. As a good rule of thumb, don’t be that guy. You will receive a confirmation note that your list was received and if it is legal and acceptable. Easy Army is a high quality, simple online army building website that allows you to download and print .pdf copies of your list. It can be found (here:

Whenever possible, we will strive to match you up Axis v Allies, but this will of course depend on the attendance. If you are flexible in the army you wish to play, and don’t mind switching to bring a more equitable Axis/Allies balance, please let us know.

Army Lists

Theater/List Restrictions: No List Restrictions, but no Special Named Units
Point Total: 1250 Saturday, 1000 Sunday
Maximum number of Platoons: 2
Maximum Number of Order Dice: 20 Saturday, 17 Sunday (including any “free” units)
Tank/Armored Platoons Allowed?: Yes*
Game Time: 3 hours Saturday, 2:30 on Sunday

* Keep in mind that there will be scenarios where infantry/artillery units are required to capture objectives, and the Tank Platoon must still be legal in the 1000 point list. Plan accordingly if you go this route!

If you have any questions about the list(s) you are planning to bring, please ask ahead of time!


One of the great joys of historical war gaming is not just seeing well painted armies facing off against each other, but also seeing those armies fight on gorgeously painted and assembled tables that recreate/simulate the locations of battlefields from WWII. Many of us spend as much time putting together our tables as we do the armies we play, and it is no small endeavor to put together a well-designed table for people to play on. While Bayou Battles could easily toss together enough tables for everyone to play on, the quality of those tables would be severely lacking. Our budget just can’t afford the luxury of 12 gorgeous tables! Thus, just like the last 2 years, we are asking players that can to bring their ONE (1) best table for people to play on. These tables should be 4’x6’ in size. When you register, please let us know if you can bring a table of terrain to use. And like last two years, there will be a prize (or two) for the best table(s).