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Bayou Battles XVI
August 9-11, 2019
Wyndham Houston West – Energy Corridor 
14703 Park Row, Houston, TX 77079

Bayou Battles is one of the largest and longest-running tabletop miniature wargaming tournaments in Texas. For the past 15 years we have provided a fun-filled weekend of competitive and casual gaming. For 2019, we are happy to provide tournaments for the same 2 gaming systems as last year: Mantic's Kings of War for the rank-and-flank fantasy wargamers, and Warlord's Bolt Action for the WWII historical enthusiasts…or for those that just like guns and tanks more than swords and bows!

Kings of War

  • 5 games over 2 days
  • 2,500 point armies
  • Non-Mantic models are allowed
  • Painted armies not required to participate (but it will be scored)

Limited to 60 participants

Bayou Battles is also a South Region qualifying tournament for the US Masters Kings of War tournament to be held in early 2020.

Bolt Action

  • 5 game Grand Tournament, 3 games Saturday, 2 on Sunday
  • 1250 points on Saturday, 1000 points on Sunday
  • Limited to 24 participants, but possibility exists to expand to 30


There will be Open Gaming on both Friday and Saturday evenings, with the traditional Giant Bash on Saturday night.  As always, expect a lot of awards and door prizes! (budget permitting, of course!).

Please visit our facebook page for regular updates about the tournament:

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