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Bayou Battles XVI
August 9-11, 2019
Wyndham Houston West – Energy Corridor 
14703 Park Row, Houston, TX 77079

Bayou Battles is one of the largest and longest-running tabletop miniature wargaming tournaments in Texas. For the past 15 years we have provided a fun-filled weekend of competitive and casual gaming. For 2019, we are happy to provide tournaments for the same 2 gaming systems as last year: Mantic's Kings of War for the rank-and-flank fantasy wargamers, and Warlord's Bolt Action for the WWII historical enthusiasts…or for those that just like guns and tanks more than swords and bows!

Kings of War

  • 5 games over 2 days
  • 2,500 point armies
  • Non-Mantic models are allowed
  • Painted armies not required to participate (but it will be scored)

Limited to 60 participants

Bayou Battles is also a South Region qualifying tournament for the US Masters Kings of War tournament to be held in early 2019.

Bolt Action

There will be 2 separate one-day tournaments—one each Saturday and Sunday

  • Point totals are 1250 points on Saturday, 700 points on Sunday
  • Limited to 24 participants each day

There will be Open Gaming on both Friday and Saturday evenings, with the traditional Giant Bash on Saturday night.  As always, expect a lot of awards and door prizes! (budget permitting, of course!).

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