Who's Coming

Kings of War registration is limited to 32 participants, with your spot only being reserved upon payment

Registration as of May 30th.

  First Name Last Name Group Army List Approved Paid
1 Nathan Arnold Llamadillos Nightstalkers Y
2 Jordan Braun LAWGS Twilight Kin Pending Y
3 Mark Burr Wargamers of AR Forces of Nature Pending Y
4 Aaron Chapman Dojo Order of the Green Lady Pending Y
5 Ryan Magoo Chiasson HHoT Twilight Kin Pending Y
6 Zach Clark Minions Undead Y
7 NickĀ  Cotton Minions Forces of Nature Y
8 Jeff Daniels HHoT Goblins Pending Y
9 Randy Davis Dojo Dwarfs Y
10 Tristan Glidden DoD Trident Realms Y
11 John Hogge Minions Nightstalkers Y
12 DustinĀ  Howard Dojo/DoD Nightstalkers Y
13 Rogan Hoy Sons of the TO Elves Y
14 Evan Hoy Sons of the TO Ratkin Y
15 Jason Johnson Wargamers of AR Ogres Pending Y
16 Robby King HHoT Varangur Pending Y
17 Rick Parrish Kings of Warlando Nightstalkers Pending Y
18 Michael Pearcy Llamadillos Goblins Y
19 Jeff Radigan Dojo Ogres Pending Y
20 Lex Simon Minions Forces of the Abyss Y
21 Jose Vega Llamadillos Undead Pending Y
22 Paul Wysocki HAWGS Forces of the Abyss Pending Y
23 Steven Housenick DoD Empire of Dust
24 Tim Roller Llamadillos Basileans

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