The Bayou Battles Bolt Action Tournament will be worth 190 total points, broken down as follows.

Battle Points (100)

Each game will be worth 20 points, and will consist of 2 parts.  The Primary Objectives are worth up to 16 points.  The points will be awarded as follows, based on the victory conditions of the scenario:

Win – 16
Draw – 10
Loss – 4

There will also be specific secondary objectives for each scenario that are worth an additional 4 points. Some of these points may be earned by both sides.

Painting (30)

Each army should be painted to a 3-color minimum. The army will be judged and awarded a score from 0-30. The score will be awarded on the quality of the paint job—details, shading/highlights, basing, consistent theme/scheme, etc.

Sportsmanship (50)

Each player starts with 35 points, as we think everyone is a good sport already. At the end of each game, you will give your opponent either a Good Game or a Bad Game mark. Each Bad Game mark will cost you points—2 points for the first bad game, 5 points for 2 bad games, 10 points for 3 bad games, 20 for 4, and all 35 for 5! At the end of the tournament, you will be asked to vote for your top 3 opponents. You will earn 3 points for each best opponent vote, 2 points for each 2nd best opponent votes, and 1 point for 3rd best opponent votes.

Military Precision [On-Time] (10)
5 points: turning in your army list by the deadline
1 point: starting and ending each game on time

Charity Support -- ReRolls!!


We will give out the following awards:

There will be a series of prizes given out to players who accumulate the highest totals in certain categories over both days' events, or meet significant milestones. These categories include, but are not limited to:

Most Officer Kills (NCOs do not count)
Most Armored Vehicle Kills (7+ or above only)
Most Friendly Fire Deaths (e.g. Fubars, rookies pilots, etc.)
Lowest Successful Morale Check (value needed to pass, not dice roll. Yes, Tank Fear assault checks do count!)
Insane Courage (smallest team to win an outnumbered assault measured by difference in model count at start of close combat)

Awards for the Best Painted Army and for Best Sportsmanship (favorite opponent) will also be given out, either as singular awards for each day or in the form of 1st and 2nd place awards if all participants play both days.

We will also be giving out an award for the Best Table (see Tournament Format page)
Depending on the budget, we will also have numerous door prizes and Bayou branded swag to give away.

Bayou Battles

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