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With the announcement of the new Clash of Kings pre-order (likely released in November), and the release of the new Twilight Kin rules on the Mantic Companion App, and given the likely 2 months between release and the tournament, Bayou WILL be using the new 2023 Clash of Kings updates! This will be the first Texas GT to allow these changes, so don't forget to check you are using the updated rules!

The maximum point total for Bayou will be 2100 points. HOWEVER, we will still be using the 1995 Army Composition restrictions! This means that you are limited to a maximum of 2 duplicates of any War Machine, Monster, Titan, or Hero.

2022 Rulebook Update Optional Rules: This tournament WILL allow the use of the Withdraw rule with the associated -1 to hit in melee in that turn. This tournament WILL allow the use of Allies. See the Optional Sideboard rules below for details. 

Optional Sideboard Rules:  If you wish, you are allowed to bring two sideboards (A and B), to be combined with a Main Force with the following rules:

Army Selection and List Deadlines

When you register, you must indicate the army you intend to play. This can be changed ONLY up until the 32nd player has paid. Once the tournament is full and paid, all armies are locked in place, and the date for the random draw will be set (tentatively scheduled for December 23rd). Your army list (main army and 2 sideboards) will not be due until AFTER the random draw has taken place. Yes, you will know your first 3 opponents and the armies you will be playing against BEFORE army lists are due!

Army list deadline will be at 11:59pm on Friday, January 5th, 2024.

When you submit your list with the sideboard option, please submit 3 lists: Your 1600 point main force, your 2100 point army with Sideboard A, and your 2100 point list using Sideboard B.

Note that only the full 2100 point lists (Main Force + Sideboard A, Main Force + Sideboard B) need to be fully legal according to the 1995 Army Composition Rules (unlocks, repeated units, etc.). The 1600 point Main Force is not restricted in any way as long as each 2100 point list is legal with 1995 point rules.


World Cup Special Characters

The World Cup took place November 2022, and to celebrate this quadrennial event, every army at Bayou will have the ability to bring a special character based on some of today’s best players in the game of soccer (or football for you UK types, or futbol for lots of others).  The .pdf linked below lists all the Soccer Stars you can choose from.  However, you can only choose 1 of the 8 characters to use throughout the weekend.  Please tell us which character you are using when you submit your list.  You can model your Soccer Character on either a 20mm or 25mm base.  And yes, there will be a prize for the best looking character!

The link below are the characters to be used for 2024. 

2024 Bayou Soccer Special Characters

Bayou Battles

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