Goldmine Games

249b Gonyo Lane
Richmond, TX 77469

Goldmine Games is an amazing game store in Richmond, TX in the SW suburbs of Houston. The store is easy to find via any phone mapping app. If you are coming in from out of town and looking for a place to crash, there are hotels with reasonable rates at the interchange of I-69 and 99/Crabb River Road (oval A on the map), and at the Brazos Town Center at the interchange of I-69 and FM762 (oval B).

Key Landmarks:

While Goldmine Games is not hard to find, a couple key landmarks are helpful.

•  There is a Dollar General on the corner of FM 762 and Gonyo Lane (look for the yellow sign). Traffic moves fast on 762, so be prepared for that turn!

•  Once on Gonyo Lane, Goldmine Games is past all the warehouse-like buildings on the left. Look for the Goldmine sign and gravel drive on the left. There will likely be horses on the right.

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