Scoring and Awards


Scoring at Bayou Battles will be a Maximum of 165 points, broken down as follows:

Battle 65  
Sports 50 (voting from all 6 of your opponents)
Appearance 40  
On Time 10  

Battle (65): 0-20 points available in each of your 3 Bracket Stage games. Battle scores reset after the Group Stage, but you get some points based on the order of finish in the Group Stage.  You get 5 battle points for winning your group, 3 points for 2nd place, 2 points for 3rd place, and 1 point for 4th place.

Sports (50): This will comprise both a Good Game/Bad Game from each of your 6 opponents and votes for favorite opponent of the weekend. These points will be available as follows:

Appearance (40): At Bayou Battles, we have always scored the army presentation as a whole, and not just technical painting. Thus, in addition to how well you painted your army, we look at such things as conversions, cohesive color schemes, basing, and overall theme of the army when judging the scores. Your entire army (1500 point main force and BOTH sideboards) will be judged. This is scored by a single judge, and is a combination of both quantity and quality, broken down as follows:

Quantity Painted: 10
Quality of Painting*: 30

* You must have at least 75% of your army fully painted (3+ colors, based) to receive points for the quality of your paint job. The Quality portion includes the points for conversions, basing, etc.

NOTE: Bayou Battles has NEVER awarded bonus points towards Army Presentation for an elaborate display board. Why? Awarding points for this is unfair to those traveling a long distance to the tournament. These folks may not have room in their cramped vehicle (with 3 other players and gear) for a behemoth display board. And let’s not even discuss space in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you! We view awarding points for display boards as a “traveler’s tax”, since it obviously favors the local attendees over those coming from far off realms. That doesn’t mean an elaborate display board might not sway someone’s opinion of your army when it comes to Player’s Choice voting…it just won’t impact your Army Appearance score.

NOTE ALSO: You must have fully painted your army yourself to be eligible for the Best Army award.!

On-Time Points (10): Being on time is a very important way to keep us Tournament Organizers happy. We like seeing people meet deadlines and being prepared for the tournament. It makes our job a lot easier. Thus, if you keep us happy, we will give you a few extra points:

Submit Army List by Deadline*: 4
Be on Time for Each Game: 6

* You will lose one point for each day your list is submitted after the deadline


We will award the following awards this year:

Bayou Battles

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